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Real name: Антон
 Joined on: 2006-02-10
Достижения  Happy 2015Greatest VictoryNy 2014RecommendedEaster2012St. Patrick Day 2012Strikeball100 PhotoTrustedEarly Adopter 2006New
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Открытие 200621strikeball1+5491-1013 years ago
Ангола-3 20-21.05.200669strikeball1+1086702013 years ago
Ракетная база 25 июня13strikeball0+32470013 years ago
Приватка-тренировка 16.01.200512strikeball1+27220013 years ago
Тренировка 03.04.20059strikeball0+17890013 years ago
Тренировка 10.04.20053strikeball1+8870013 years ago
Подготовка к Открытию 20062strikeball0+6970013 years ago
Звездопад 12.08.200631strikeball1+48680013 years ago
Приватка в Бобошино 09.12.20068strikeball1+15550012 years ago
Приватка в Дедовске 17.12.200619strikeball0+26310012 years ago
Клинок 20071various0+22020012 years ago
Открытие 200715strikeball0+71780012 years ago
Снаряга - рюкзак Highlander Forces 44 (password protected)18activities0+84010012 years ago
Language Card. Iraq.8various0+59920011 years ago
Battlefield Casualty Drills. Aide Memoire.9various1+10359+1011 years ago
Носовиха 20.07.08 (password protected)3strikeball0+280011 years ago
Тренировка 14.12.2008 (password protected)16strikeball0+3480010 years ago
SQ (password protected)16hobby0+1700010 years ago
Открытие 2009 (password protected)28strikeball0+1650010 years ago
Тренировка Тверь 07.06.09 (password protected)17strikeball0+1280010 years ago
Тренировка 31.10.2009 (password protected)54various0+842009 years ago
Тренировка 21.11.2009 (password protected)7various0+192009 years ago
Sling MP5 (password protected)5strikeball0+22009 years ago
ОСК 03.10 (password protected)17various0+168009 years ago
Тренировка 11.04.2010 (password protected)7various0+78009 years ago
Тренировка 17.04.2010 (password protected)8various0+391009 years ago
Жесты (password protected)32various0+377009 years ago
Home (password protected)43various0+2032009 years ago
Открытие СК 2010 (password protected)64various0+1364009 years ago
Afghanistan 2010 (password protected)42various0+235009 years ago
На даче у Мартина (password protected)10various0+72008 years ago
Приватка от Деда 12.03.201128various1+5379008 years ago
Скрытое 2 (password protected)12various0+98008 years ago
Открытие 2011 (password protected)29various0+534008 years ago
Афганистан 2011 (password protected)18various0+368008 years ago
Гренада 10-11.09.2011 (password protected)23various0+260007 years ago
Beamshots14various0+81960147 years ago
Салют 9 мая 20125holiday0+1109007 years ago
Открытие 2012 (password protected)66various0+403007 years ago
Сьерра-Леоне 2012.05.19 (password protected)26various0+169007 years ago
Восходы9landscape6+10753+2407 years ago
M249 MAG21various1+5312-107 years ago
ПНВ22various1+5051+106 years ago
Закрытие СК 2012 (password protected)19various0+325+106 years ago
DIY - Search (password protected)27various0+2006 years ago
Лытка 06.04.2013 (password protected)12various0+214006 years ago
Царь горы (password protected)17various0+67006 years ago
Helmand 201310various1+1849006 years ago
Сомали-2 07-08.09.2013 (password protected)23various0+609006 years ago
Кошка225various0+7482+905 years ago
Helmand 201463strikeball1+16684-105 years ago
Закрытие 2014 (password protected)2various0+330004 years ago
Shield Mini Sight12various2+5828004 years ago
Сомали-4 05-06.09.2015 (password protected)19various0+323004 years ago
Home2 (password protected)69various0+13662-103 years ago
Ксенус-6 09.07.2016 (password protected)50various0+80003 years ago
Метро 2.0 2016.12.2413various1+4614+102 years ago
Assault vest56various1+9795+202 years ago
Marconi PRR H4855 PRC-3439various0+991002 years ago
UKSF after 2001 examples (password protected)33various0+1002 years ago
Реплики LA5 FMA и Element58various0+9140001 year ago
CRW (password protected)42hobby0+1822001 year ago
Метро-8 2017.12.16 (password protected)20various0+0001 year ago
RAV 0522various1+10215+101 year ago
Реплика SELEX TACMIC CT5 от ZTAC - Z13341various1+10715+611 year ago
DALI S240 (password protected)30various0+29001 year ago
Hearing Protection (password protected)28various0+00011 months ago
SBS DPM (password protected)21various0+0009 months ago
SBS 2001 (password protected)146various0+201007 months ago
UKSF 2016-2017 Syria-Iraq-Libya (password protected)46various0+12003 months ago
UKSF Nairobi 2019 (password protected)24various0+0003 months ago
L119A1 (password protected)88various0+1003 months ago
L119A2 (password protected)21various0+0003 months ago
Home3 (password protected)16various0+0001 month ago
скрытое (password protected)592various0+479001 month ago
Glock (password protected)5various0+0001 month ago
UKSF London_Manchester 2017 (password protected)52various0+00021 days ago
UKSF 2015plus (password protected)36various0+0007 days ago
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